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True to our motto „we design for you real jewels“ we offer you individualized clocks, watches and rings in different models, colours and designs.
Our focus is on the individual design, from the first draft to the finished product, in close cooperation with the customer.
LogoWatches.EU is the European affiliate of the US company SMi Awards, LLC (www.smiAwards.com), which was founded 1986 in Boston, USA by the Swiss-born Thomas Haueter.
After more than 20 years we had become a leading provider of custom awards in the USA. After we made several market analyses and studies we decided to implement the sister company LogoWatches.EU on the European market in 2009 based in Berlin. This has established itself over the past 6 years with a large number of satisfied and reputable customers.

By September 1st 2015 the ownership of LogoWatches.EU were rearranged. With Patrick R. Duss as new partner, the company is now majority in Swiss hands to underpin our expertise in the watches business. Furthermore Michael Kiefer, an experienced sales expert, could be recovered as new managing partner. In addition the company office was relocated from Berlin to the Rhine-Main-Area, to bring our company closer to the center of Germany, in order to better respond to customer requests and needs.
Continuity and quality of the products and the service is our main target. We continue to supply you with the various articles of our product range and thus guarantee continuity in proven product quality. Certainly we will provide you with the desired standards further on..

Kind regards,


Michael Kiefer

(Managing Partner S.M.I. Merchandising GmbH)

Patrick R. Duss

(President S.M.I. Merchandising GmbH)

Thomas Haueter  

(Partner S.M.I. Merchandising GmbH & President SMi Awards, LLC) 


Michael Kiefer
Patrick R. Duss
Thomas (Tom) Haueter